Holy crap

View from the Loo Queue

I’m going to try to say this without having a panic attack… I’m going to run a marathon this week. Holy crap. When I started this little journey with a post called Nicknames back in April, a marathon in mid-October seemed a really long time away.  Now it’s this week. Holy crap. My apologies for the rubbish … Continue reading

The rules

The Rules

Every sport has rules. You may think that, just because running tends to be an individual sport, there are not as many rules.  If you’re not a runner, you may have believed (until now, or until about four minutes from now if I can frame a good argument) that running is essentially about throwing on … Continue reading

Back to normal

Hello strangers! Yes, it has been a while… first my back-end broke (well, not my back-end, the back-end of the blog… the admin-y area… I’m not techy I don’t know how else to describe it, but my butt’s fine) for about a month.  Then work got crazy busy and I kept thinking “When things get … Continue reading

Magic turtles

Mine and Leah's Magic Turtle

No, I’m not high.  I really do want to talk about magic turtles. And, believe me or not, I’m not making them up.  I have come to believe, over the past six months or so, that there are turtles who are indeed magical.  My darling friend Katherine has even given me a beautiful silver one … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Maddie

At Saturday's dedication ceremony for the Maddie James Seaside Learning Centre

What did you get for your sixth birthday? I don’t remember what I got for mine (sorry Mum and Dad!) but I do remember that I had an awesome dress up party.  I went as Princess Leia, complete with full side buns.  Jamie Smithson came as a bee, so did Carla.  I also don’t remember … Continue reading

Broken Chairs

Broken Chair

I’m thinking about cancelling my gym membership. I know that sounds all negative and un-healthy for someone who’s still got around 100 kilometres to run this year  (or over 1,000km if you count the training), but with all the running, I haven’t been in months.  And the $43.60 they take out of my bank account … Continue reading

Quick update on the running…

So, I didn’t get accepted to the NY Marathon (butt heads). So then I thought, that’s fine, I’ll turn the half marathon in Melbourne in October into a full marathon instead.  But it’s only three weeks after my first-ever marathon in Sydney in September and the man writing my training plan had some fairly strong … Continue reading

Feeling like a million bucks

Maddie and her Daddy

Did you know that if a goldfish bowl was large enough to hold a million goldfish, it could hold a whale? Or that if a million children climbed on each other’s shoulders, they would go higher into the sky than aeroplanes do? Or that one million minutes ago was – 1 year, 329 days, 10 hours … Continue reading

My personal trainer

Chloe in the bath

There’s someone I haven’t introduced you to yet, which is shameful, because she’s my personal trainer and, when my motivation wanes, she stirs the cement in my morning coffee and gets me out there to train. Her name’s Chloe (or Chlo Bo, or Miss Chloe, or [and only Alexander, Jessica and Lauren are ever allowed … Continue reading

Training diet

I did a funny thing when I got home from work last night. I walked in the door and, as normal, took Chloe out for pee pee baby… good girl Chloe, gooood girl. Then, when I walked back inside, still with my coat and heels on, I realised I had put water on to boil and was … Continue reading

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  • My Marathons for Maddie in 2011

    Run for the Kids: 17 April - 14.38km
    Mothers' Day Classic: 8 May - 4km
    Run Melbourne: 17 July – half marathon
    Sandy Point Half: 21 August - half marathon
    Sydney Running Festival: 18 September – half marathon
    Melbourne Marathon: 9 October – marathon