Maddie’s Supporters’ Sites

There are a lot of pages set up by some pretty incredible people to raise money for The Maddie James Seaside Learning Centre.

You can donate at

You can find out more about them and events or groups in your local areas here.

Miles for Maddie in Allen, Texas USA
Saturday 14 May 2011

Mothers’ Day Boutique, San Clemente, California USA
Saturday 7 May 2011

A Charm for Charity, Maddie James Foundation Bracelet
Ships to America but not Australia at this point

If you have a page you want put up here please just let me know.

One Response to “Maddie’s Supporters’ Sites”
  1. Patrick O' Connor says:

    You are an amazing person doing what you are doing

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  • My Marathons for Maddie in 2011

    Run for the Kids: 17 April - 14.38km
    Mothers' Day Classic: 8 May - 4km
    Run Melbourne: 17 July – half marathon
    Sandy Point Half: 21 August - half marathon
    Sydney Running Festival: 18 September – half marathon
    Melbourne Marathon: 9 October – marathon

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