Electric Dreams

So as I think I’ve said before, Lozzie and I didn’t mind a bit of a dance off to some questionable ’80’s music (oh and “Hi!”  I know it’s been the longest possible time ever between posts… sorry [or not, depending how you feel] about that).

We cut our teeth on it at *cough* Twister *cough* and were addicted ever since (luckily we found some better venues once our I.D. became more convincing).  When we lived together in 2002 – 2003, we would get out the six CD Essential Eighties, turn up the stereo as loud as it would go (no, I’m not sorry to our neighbours or to that guy Tim or to you Mr Misch, it would’ve been a privilege to hear, even at 7am) and sing our hearts out on the balcony.  Which is funnier if you know that it was level two on the St Kilda Road-facing side of the building right on St Kilda Junction.

It was awesome fun.  We were tragic and we loved it.

And today is her birthday.

White Bar 2004We should be out tonight (ok, it’s a Monday, perhaps we should be out later this week sometime) dancing our hearts out to said ’80’s music.  Loz rocking out a step touch, step touch, step touch like no one else can and me waving my arms about, singing loudly and spinning (I’m sure she won’t mind me letting you know that we are two of the worst dancers in the history of the world).

But we won’t be.

So, rather than get all emo and foul on my first post for 2012, I have jumped on to iTunes and downloaded the best ’80’s playlist of all time (if I do say so myself) to rock out with today.

Those who have joined me on more recent nights out to clubs playing ’80’s music, will know that I grab their arms and scream across the dancefloor when Electric Dreams comes on; “This is mine and Lozza’s song!!  This is our song!!”

So as a tribute to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, on her 32nd birthday, this year, I give you poetry in the form of Phil Oakley’s classic (excuse my singing, take heart in the fact that it’s slightly more attractive than my ugly cry which is your only other alternative today)…


Because the friendship that you gave
Has taught me to be brave
No matter where I go, I’ll never find a better prize
Though you’re miles and miles away
I see you every day
I don’t have to try
I just close my eyes
I close my eyes

We’ll always be together
However far it seems
We’ll always be together
Together in electric dreams

Happy birthday, Loz x

4 Responses to “Electric Dreams”
  1. Gary Hevey says:

    Do not cry beautiful child, live life with the memory of a wonderful friend always in your heart.
    Dad x

  2. Jan Hevey says:

    Love you forever Suz.

  3. felicitykate_79@hotmail.com says:

    Lots of love as you remember such a wonderful friend today and every day Suz. Her memory lives on in your heart, your song… and your dance moves 😉 Take care and keep smiling always, Love Felicity. X

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