Marathon update…

So, here’s the post I don’t really want to write. I’ve got tears in my eyes writing this down (again with the sentimentality – apologies!), but I am not looking good for a start tomorrow.

All the advice I’ve had (many thanks to all who have provided it – Kristi, Amy, Allison, Dad, my GP, my trainer, the poor sod at the dog park who saw me crying while receiving advice from Kristi) suggests there’s a chance I can get myself around the course (although the doctor did bring up just one possible bad side effect – a charming phrase ‘cardiac arrest’) but if I do, I’ll be looking at likely side effects of pneumonia, pushing an infection currently just in my respiratory system through to my blood and muscles and the likelihood that, with my immune system so compromised, my muscles would start eating themselves (something about low k levels).

So it’s fair to say I’m gutted and immensely disappointed but – unless I wake up feeling a million dollars (currently falling short of $2.99) – I don’t think I can risk all that (even though I’m ridiculously tough for a 5’4″ blonde, for the record!)

You’ll all be shocked to hear that some people have described me as a little stubborn at times and perhaps it’s that streak in me that still wants to go in the morning – also a massive part that feels like I’m letting down a LOT of people, not least of all my amazing support network (your good selves included) and little Miss Maddie who I *really* wanted to do this for…. But I may have to find a different way to do those last 42.2km I guess.

In any case – I’ve carb loaded and vitamin packed just in case (and the spaghhetti had 3cloves of raw garlic on it to help the sinuses so if you see me tomorrow, on or off track, run for your life!).

And, just in case I don’t make it, a very helpful man I work with has kindly offered his services to carry my turtle charm on his marathon so that Maddie’s turtle can still go on the journey.

If I get going in the morning, the gun goes at 7am EDST and you can track my bib online: 3396 (won’t have my name due to late entry). If that doesn’t say I’ve taken off after 0720, I won’t be running. BUT I will get down there to cheer all the amazing runners on!

Alright I’ve ranted enough – bit tired and emotional. Will update y’all tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Marathon update…”
  1. Gary says:

    I love you

  2. Jan Hevey says:

    Love you gorgeous girl

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