Maddie… there’s a lot of me that wants to spend today writing about how much we have all missed you over the past six months, since you became an Angel.  And a lot of me that wants to explain to everyone how sad and unfair I sometimes think life is, especially when I think of your Daddy not being able to hear you call him Daddy or feel your arms giving him a great big hug.

But then I got to thinking; if you happened to stop by and read this in between hopping around on clouds and hosting fabulous cloud parties (without ketchup, of course!) and looking after all the oceans in all the world and lighting up the sunshine even brighter than it’s ever been lit, I wouldn’t want it to be a sad story that you got to read!  I’d want it to make you happy.  And I have zero doubt that you are with the people missing you most today, holding their hands and giving them hugs, so you don’t need me to tell you how much you are missed down here; I know you know.

So then I thought, “What could I tell Miss Maddie that would make her happy?”

And it occurred to me that, even though you haven’t been down here for the last six months, you had achieved a whole lot.  As you once demonstrated to me with your magic wand, you are rather magical and can cast spells over everyone you come in contact with and, as it turns out, nothing can stop how magic you are.

One more thing to remember before I start, Maddie: I’ve capped this at just six things and, like the rest of this blog, this is only from my perspective.  You will have done countless other things, some that I know about and some that I’m unaware of, but the internet just doesn’t have room for me to write them all down, so I figured: six months, six achievements.


You made a million dollars.   To put that into context for you Miss Maddie, I’m 32 and I still haven’t made a million dollars.  You did it before your sixth birthday. 


Beyond that, you chose not to keep it, but to use it to create the Maddie James Seaside Learning Centre.  This has achieved two things more: first, making future generations of children (many of whom aren’t even born yet, which is just inconceivably special and generous!) happy and, secondly, improving the sea for all the creatures in it, who love you so much.


You have made (by my best approximation across a six month period) at least (and I’m being very conservative in my estimate here) 270,000 hugs between Daddies and Mummies and their children more squishy, warm, fuzzy and longer lasting.  And a further 90,000 hugs between friends warmer and cuddlier than they would have otherwise been.  That’s a lot of fuzziness.


You have made me run (so far) at least 823km in training and 60.58km in races.  I’ll do about another 168km in training and 63.3km in races over the next month before the end of this little campaign.  You made that happen, no way these stumpy little legs would have ever gone that far without you casting a spell over them!


You have created friendships that didn’t exist before.  When I came to America to say goodbye to you I made lots of new friends (and, Miss Maddie, some of them are crazy nuts!  And, as you and I know, they are the funnest kind of friends that there are!).  Lots of people all over the world have met at fun runs and markets, online and offline, and have become friends.  And do you know what they had in common to make them meet and start their friendship?  Knowing you and how wonderful you are.


You have made people, all over the world, some of whom you never met, get more out of their lives.  To give you just one example, you’ve made me rediscover my love of writing.  I was getting pretty old and cynical and stuck in my ways and (like some of us silly adults do sometimes) I was getting far too busy with really important stuff  to do creative things that I really loved.  Giving me that gift… well (somewhat ironically since we’re talking about writing) I can’t tell you how big and special that is to me.  I spend lots of time writing now, not just here but all over the place about all sorts of things.  In short; you’ve made my life much better by reminding me to do what I love.  And I know I’m not the only one you have done that for.

So, Magical Miss Maddie, those are just six of the things you have made happen in the past six months since you became an Angel.

I wish that made us all miss you less, but it doesn’t.

But I hope that if you swing by sometime to read this (sometime after you spend today hugging your Daddy, like I know you are doing) you get a smile just knowing how magical we all know you are and how wonderful everything you have done is.

One Response to “Magic”
  1. Jan Hevey says:

    Suz …. you’re the best. And your writing is so good because it comes right from your beautiful heart.
    Mum x

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