Magic turtles

No, I’m not high.  I really do want to talk about magic turtles.

And, believe me or not, I’m not making them up.  I have come to believe, over the past six months or so, that there are turtles who are indeed magical. 

My darling friend Katherine has even given me a beautiful silver one that I now wear around my neck all the time so I get to carry some magic around with me (it makes me run faster too!).

I have two stories I would like to share with you to prove my case, then you’ll either wheel me off in a white jacket or join me in believing that there are magic turtles.


One: Kristi’s Magic Turtle

Kristi’s a great writer, so I’ll let her tell this story.  This is the message she sent me on 23 May:

Kristi's Turtle

Kristi's Turtle

Today while driving….

So first I have to intro this by saying one of the things I dearly love about my husband is his passion for country music. OK, love is too strong a word, I tolerate it, because I love him.
Anyway, I was driving his car today and a song “When I get Where I’m Going” came on, sung by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton- made me think of little Maddie, and Lauren, and yourself, and started me on a whole thinking spree.So I’m thinking of Maddie the wee blonde angel spreading her wings and riding raindrops and suddenly I have to come to a stop. Because right there, in the middle of the road, is a turtle. It’s not unusual in my part of the world, but the timing was impeccable.
love to you x


Two: Mine and Leah’s Magic Turtle 

Mine and Leah's Magic Turtle

Mine and Leah's Magic Turtle

Back on 21 May, the beautiful Leah M and I were on a puppy date, walking our pooches through Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens with our take out lattes.

There had been a pretty special event the night before and I was telling Leah about my ugly cry in the nail salon, about the photos of the gala I had seen online and about how special the whole event sounded and was.

We were talking about the gorgeous Maddie and how incredible she was to have pulled together so many people from all over the world to unite behind her, forget their rubbish and get thinking about her joy and verve and how special life is – a huge achievement for a 5 and 3/4 year old!

And then (and let me preface this by saying I live only a block away from these Gardens, run through them all the time [seriously, at least once, sometimes twice, a day] and have never before seen a turtle there) we stop.  Because a turtle has wandered into the middle of the path and is just sitting there looking up at us like it was the most natural thing in the world.


I’ll leave it with you to judge.  But I think they’re magic.  And sent by Angels.


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