Quick update on the running…

So, I didn’t get accepted to the NY Marathon (butt heads).

So then I thought, that’s fine, I’ll turn the half marathon in Melbourne in October into a full marathon instead.  But it’s only three weeks after my first-ever marathon in Sydney in September and the man writing my training plan had some fairly strong opinions on that (or against that if we’re being picky about details).

So.  Here’s what’s happening… I’ll just be doing the half in Melbourne, the peak of this year’s campaign will be the Sydney Marathon in October and I’ve added in the City2Surf (14km) in Sydney in August (Sydney friends get the guest rooms ready).  I also snuck in the Mothers’ Day Classic with my Mama back a few weeks back so that’s an extra 4km there too.

All updated information now up on the Race Info page – do please feel free to get on and sign up yourself or come along with cheers, powerade and bananas if you’re in the area!


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  • My Marathons for Maddie in 2011

    Run for the Kids: 17 April - 14.38km
    Mothers' Day Classic: 8 May - 4km
    Run Melbourne: 17 July – half marathon
    Sandy Point Half: 21 August - half marathon
    Sydney Running Festival: 18 September – half marathon
    Melbourne Marathon: 9 October – marathon

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