My personal trainer

There’s someone I haven’t introduced you to yet, which is shameful, because she’s my personal trainer and, when my motivation wanes, she stirs the cement in my morning coffee and gets me out there to train.

Salty Mama treat

Salty Mama treat

Her name’s Chloe (or Chlo Bo, or Miss Chloe, or [and only Alexander, Jessica and Lauren are ever allowed to use this one and I do not know how they came up with it] Chlois Millicent).  As a general rule, it’s wise not to have a personal trainer who is just infinitely cuter than you are, but she’s fabulous so I cop being out-cuted by her.

Also, her legs are even shorter than mine, which, for me, is a rare find in anyone, let alone a personal trainer.  Not just a little bit shorter, but about an eighth (or maybe even a tenth) the length of mine.  Which makes the fact that she can smash out seven kilometres in under 40 minutes pretty darn impressive I think.

She puts up with a fair bit, little Chlo Bo.

Take this Saturday morning for example.  There she is, enjoying her standard weekend lie in with her Mama.  Mama’s having coffee and reading magazines, Chloe’s chewing on mousey and defending the apartment from the birds that sometimes land on the window sill.  Bliss town.

Chloe assesses the weather

Chloe assesses the weather

It was an unusually cold and wet Autumn morning.  Seriously, freezing and soggy as hell (hell’s a stupid way of describing sogginess… soggy as… umm… sorry, spent the afternoon in the office… must have used up all my creativity on new web copy… it was really wet ok, it had poured all night) and so grey you couldn’t see the sky, even at 9am.  May as well have woken up in London in the middle of winter.

And I (being Mama), am lying there thinking, coffee and magazines could last until my hair appointment at 2pm and that would be fine… not running today would be just fine.  And then I made the mistake of posting that thought up on Facebook and a disgracefully motivated woman I know (who, by the way, is living off just $2 a day [that’s right, no coffee or alcohol] this week to raise money – tip of the cap Kristi Bryant) told me to stir a spoonful of cement in my coffee and harden up.


So Chloe’s looking out the window just to see if we can wait until the rain stops.  But there’s so many clouds, it’s not likely the rain’s stopping.  So she turns to me and says (shut up, she absolutely did), “Come on, Mama, off your arse”.

What can I say to that?  I have to get up off my arse and get the gear on.

Chloe in the bath

Chloe in the bath - "I'll make you pay, Mama"

So we smash out a lap of the Tan (about 5km-ish door to door from Chlo’s apartment) and I take her home and she looks at me and says (shut up, she did) “My legs are so tiny next to yours, you’re so not done yet.”  So off I go again, back around the Tan.

Then when I get home from my second lap, she finally feels that’s enough and we stretch together.  That’s one of our favourite parts of training.  I get a cuddle while I stretch and Chloe gets a salty-Mama-treat to lick.  Everyone wins.

Sometimes after a long run, she’ll get muddy and have to have a bath.  Which means that next time we train, she smashes me to make up for it.

And on those days when I get home from work and I’m crabby and I just want to hit the sofa with a bottle of pinot, she jumps all over me and doesn’t let me get near the sofa or the wine rack.  Straight to the wardrobe for the running gear and lead.  Then straight back out the door.

She’s pretty tough for 6.3kilos.

And I’m pretty thrilled she keeps me on as a client given how much I whinge.  But then she had great trainers too… Stella and Oscar.  And I’ll introduce you to them another day.

Chloe's Trainers

Chloe's Trainers


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