Training diet

I did a funny thing when I got home from work last night.

I walked in the door and, as normal, took Chloe out for pee pee baby… good girl Chloe, gooood girl.

Then, when I walked back inside, still with my coat and heels on, I realised I had put water on to boil and was chopping an eggplant.

As if that wasn’t harrowing enough, there was a bottle of pinot noir within arms reach of the chopping board and I didn’t have a glass of it in my hand.

I know right.

It is worth explaining at this point that, since I’ve started living on my own, it’s not a rarity for a bowl of muesli or some cheese and crackers (and a glass or two of wine) to suffice as a staple dinner for me (allow me to recommend a French oak chardonnay with the Carmen’s muesli and Bonsoy).

Could it be that with this running, my body has decided to override the laziness of my brain and just get my chopping hand preparing healthy dinner all on its own?  Have I been possessed by some sort of healthy runner who is guiding me into the kitchen to prepare a real meal before my butt gets the chance to hit the sofa with the pinot?

I have obviously started to have a bit of a google around for training diets, but, frankly, the results are simply not as funny as the sweat pimples on… ones and, therefore, don’t hold my interest (my lack of interest may also have something to do with the fact that they hardly ever mention champagne, pinot noir, vodka or the sticky date pudding from The Supper Club).  There’s really no surprises – lots of protein, lots of veggies and complex carbs… blah blah.

At dinner with the wonderful Gigi a while ago, it was pointed out to me that if I wanted my body to keep me going for a while, I would need to switch out my muesli for dinner with something a little more vitamin-laden.  So the message might be starting to hit home.

In any case, my sub-conscious mind has clearly decided to get on board with Gigi’s wisdom and what’s been googled.  Because last night, I prepared, cooked and ate brown pasta (I don’t care how good it tastes they need to do something  with that texture) with grilled eggplant in a napoli sauce.  With a garden salad.  And today, I’m getting healthy nut and dried fruit snacks delivered to the office (to enjoy in lieu of the my normal 3:30pm strongest hot chocolate imaginable) and I have to admit I got them last week too.  And they were delicious.

So I guess I’m getting healthier for all my running and, it would appear, there’s nothing I can do about it.  Which is probably a good thing.  But if my sub-conscious tries to stop the glass of pinot noir hitting my hand while I’m cooking again, I’ll have it surgically removed.

One Response to “Training diet”
  1. Jan Hevey says:

    Glad to hear it all !!!

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