Ways to say hi

There are lots of ways for most of us to say hi.  And they’re all fairly simple really.





Text message

Phone call

Call out

You get the drift – it’s easy and there are options.  You don’t need me to tell you that – I’ve no doubt you do it all day every day.

A few years ago (actually it was 22 January 2008), the beautiful Simone Albert recommended I read Allison DuBois’ We are their Heaven.  DuBois is the woman who the TV series Medium is based on (I’ve no doubt most of you will either love me or leave me at this point, but indulge me if you will for a couple of moments more).

To summarise what of this book resonated with me: those we have lost get to experience Earth through us (I’ll talk more about this another time) and they, still being energy, will let us know they are around through the movement of energy.  I was pretty doubtful.  Until one night in 2008, I was reading this in the book and the bedside light started going berserk.

Then another time, DB (or Katie, or Mademoiselle Hugen) was visiting and we were talking about Loz and the dining room lights started flickering… we got freaked out so we went to the living room and put the telly on… then the TV went fuzzy then all pink.

And I know Loz has managed to provide C4 with some styling tips on more than one occasion using his dressing room light.  I could go on, but sufficed to say; I kinda believe in this stuff now.

So tonight I’m running.

It’s the longest run I have done in ages – 51 minutes – (see “my right knee” for why not so much on the training) and, even with magical Allison’s holographic sticky pain killing strips (Allison Hunt, not Allison DuBois, still a miracle worker), a handful of voltaren and a tightly strapped brace, I won’t lie; towards the end, there may have been one or two tears welling up from the pain in my right knee (I don’t claim to be big and tough, alright – I’m just trying to get across the line).

Anyway, I had to get home (it was that or sleep at The Shrine for the night), so I had to grit my teeth and run me and my knee (that I’m trying to love) about 1 or 2 km more.

And then my iPod skips.

First to the radio, which, to be honest, I didn’t know it could play (I’m Gen X, not Gen Y – it’s a learning process the iPod thing, I grew up with a Walkman).

Then to Heartbeats.  By Jose Gonzalez.

I know right.

(If you don’t know, this was the song played right at the end of Lozzie’s funeral; “her song” if you will)

So now, I’ve crossed over from one or two tears, to those plus a few extras streaming down my cheeks.  But I’m running (thank God it’s dark when I train now) and I’m going to make it home because Loz has got me.  And she’s gone through God knows what to shift my iPod – I do not know how – to let me know.

I think that sounds like more of an effort than running the last 1km or so home just quietly.

And just as I pull up home, my iPod flicks back to the song it was on before the skip to radio (yes, of course it was Britney – shut up, I love her).

Lozzie had just dropped in to say hi.

Just when I needed her.

For just long enough to get me home.

4 Responses to “Ways to say hi”
  1. Kristi says:

    I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise… and I have goosebumps, and I’m smiling =) So glad for you that She said hi, and that you noticed x

  2. Michelle or Mish or Mishie or Chelle or Yoo says:

    Total goosebumps and tears. ❤

  3. Lk says:

    Wow, I have a chill down my spine! Wishing you all the best for Sunday, you will have two angels with you all the way.

  4. Christine says:

    Hi Darling.

    Your words have been amazing – you’re really talented that way I’ve really enjoyed your blog so far.

    Good luck on Sunday, sending you lots of energy and love xx

    I’m not so good with the words! But I hope you feel it anyway xx

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