Blondie, Skee Lo and Bruce

You know how some days you just wake up and you’re a bit more down than others?  This is one of them for me.  But I know I promised that I wouldn’t get all sob story and emotional on you so instead, I’ll tell you about how I met my best mate Lozza.  It’ll cheer me up and, hopefully, stop me from scaring you off (no guarantees there though – there’s some pretty bad photos coming your way!).

The first day of school 1995.  Aussie Summer.  A country-ish suburb about an hour out of Melbourne called Mernda.

Two peroxide blonde teenage girls – one 14, one 15 – and several others, are sitting in the school office.  The two blondes are wearing too much make up, too much jewellery and too much attitude.  They’re not in trouble, it’s their first day at a new school, that’s why they’re in the office.

It would be fair to say that over the next few months these two blondes didn’t get along all that well.

It might be fair to say they spread one or two rumours about each other.  We won’t repeat them here because it just wouldn’t be polite.  Don’t judge them though, they had both come from ladies’ colleges before their new school and, simply put, that’s how things got done where they had been.

At an 18th 1996 or 1997

At an 18th 1996 or 1997

On it went.  And on it may have gone.  Except that one night, at one of the class of ‘95’s eighteenths, they got stuck next to each other alone at a table.

And they had to talk.

And, both being raised by parents who instilled good manners in them, they did talk.

And that, as I’ve heard it said in the classics, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

year 12 final mass with mr white 1997

Year 12 with Mr White 1997

From around that point on, poor Katherine and Mr J had me over at their place from Saturday around midday to Sunday around the same time every weekend. Every weekend.

And poor Mum had to drive me over there to be with Loz every Saturday around midday and pick me up again around the same time every Sunday. Every weekend.

Because that is just what we did.

Now if that sounds boring, it just flat out wasn’t.

Getting ready for IGS Ridgeway Formal 1997

Getting ready for IGS Ridgeway Formal 1997

Some Saturdays we’d study and critique each other’s essays.  Some Saturdays we’d put the Buns of Steel video on in the living room and end up in tears – equal parts from giggling and pain.  Whatever we did in the afternoon, the evening was spent listening to music (Bruce Springsteen’s Secret Garden, Blondie’sRapture and I Wish by Skee Lo are some memorable examples of what was on the playlist) and getting ready.

Getting ready.  Man, what more fun is there to be had when you’re aged between 15 and 18 and it’s Saturday night and you’re getting ready with your best friend?

Diving into the Natural Glow pot (still the best example of using irony in a name that I know of) and the black eyeliner, provided some of the best times of my entire life.  I’ve heard it said that the important bit in life is the journey not the destination.  Same applies here.

Now, shock horror, I’ve started waffling again and I have to go.  But, that’s how I met Lozzie, my best mate.  

And why I still talk to her while I’m getting ready to go out.  Because, while I might take better care of my regrowth and take it a bit easier on the Natural Glow these days, I’m still that 17 year old girl in these pictures who wants nothing more than to hang with her best mate and talk about things that don’t matter.

And why I still have Blondie and Bruce and Skee Lo on my iPod.  

At Twister 1996 or 1997

At Twister 1996 or 1997

So if you see me running around the streets and I’m singing “I wish I was a little bit taller”, that’s why.  It’s not that I’m trying to will the universe to send me a growth spurt (although I certainly wouldn’t complain if it did).  

It probably just means I hit the wall and I’m making sure I don’t forget she is taking the journey with me.

4 Responses to “Blondie, Skee Lo and Bruce”
  1. gorgeous Suz, I have images of two beautiful girls running around Melbourne- the first is in the 90s ‘glowing naturally’ giggling and dancing in their heels, leaning on each other as only best friends do when they’re giggling and dancing like that, knowing that you’ll always be there for each other. The second is present day and of the taller of the two running beside the shorter who is listening to britney and fighting with the drawstring on her pants- both still have a beautiful glow and are still right there beside one another. Much love, K xx

  2. Jan Hevey says:

    Brings back memories. And the photo with that lovely Mr White. He thought very highly of you two girls, as did you of him. Love you

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