Why am I trying to be a 5’4″ blonde, Australian, female Forrest Gump?

I’m going to start explaining that story by introducing you to a lot of nicknames.  Trust me; it’s better to ease on in to this story.

Well it’s like this… See that picture up there?  That’s my best friend Loz (or Lozzie or Lauren or Lauren Katherine James).  And the gorgeous baby she’s holding, that’s her niece Maddie (or Madeleine or Miss Maddie or Madeleine Reese James).  Maddie’s the only daughter of Lozzie’s big brother Bubs (or Bub or Bubba or Collie or C4 or Collie James IV).  Are you with me?  Lozzie and Bubs are brother and sister and Maddie is C4’s daughter.  Easy.

So I went to high school with Loz (sorry, I haven’t introduced myself yet… I’m Suz or s or Suzanne or SKJMH or Suzanne Kay Janette Mary Hevey, please don’t call me Sue, Susie, Susan, Suzanna… there’s lots of options above for you, please pick one, I get funny about it).  When Loz and I finished high school and they handed out all the funny awards, I got the “Most likely to be unable to get by without Lauren James” award.  Some things in life just are true.  And funny.  And don’t sink in for a while.

Anyway, I’m waffling, which I do, I think it’s hereditary since Mum (or Jan or Mama or Janette or Suzanne’s Mum or Janette Mary Therese Hevey nee Sellars) does it too.

Actually… if you’ve just stumbled on this, it’s probably all a bit much for a first blog entry to give you the whole story up front.  And, to be honest, it’s taken me so bloody long to work out how to get this whole blog thing working, that I don’t want to scare you off with a sob story just yet.

For now, let me just say that because of Maddie and because of Lozzie and because of Bubba and Katherine (Loz and Bub’s Mum or Mom or Kathy or DB or Mrs James or Katherine James) and Mr J (or C3 or Collie or Mr James or Collie James III) I’m going to do a lot of running this year.

A lot.

Because we want to name this Sea Life Learning Centre after Maddie.  Because she loves the ocean.  And when incredible people want something for really amazing reasons – like wanting other kids to learn about and love the ocean – you want to do whatever it takes to help them out.

I know, enough waffling.  I should be out running.  More later.

6 Responses to “Nicknames”
  1. Michelle or Mish or Mishie or Chelle or Yoo says:

    I suddenly had a flashback to Cj4’s loo hallway. Ha! No, really, cannot wait to read the whole story. Now, RUN Suz or s or Suzanne or SKJMH or Suzanne Kay Janette Mary Hevey, RUN!! xo

  2. Tim says:

    New York, huh? I ran a half in December … I suppose a full is next. I may have to throw my hat in the ring for this one!

  3. *my first blog comments!! so excited i almost peed*

    Love it, Mish! What better place to solve the problems of the world than the queue to the ladies’ room I always say!

    And Tim… get on board buddy! If I get into NYC then you have to be at the start line with me (it’s a bit tough to get in from Oz… unless you’re super fast which, you will be astounded to hear, I am not). But if I don’t, you should come to Sydney in September and do the Sydney one with me? Or the Melbourne one? I’ll even make you a deal – you turn up at the start line of Melbourne Marathon and I’ll take you out and show you what coffee tastes like!

  4. Kristi Bryant says:

    still a terrific writer =) Will be following and sharing xxx

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