93 sleeps
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    I’m not doing all this running or writing for nothing… We need to raise $1,000,000 for the The Maddie James’ Seaside Learning Centre to become a reality.

    Please spread the word to whoever you can and donate whatever you can.

    Just visit www.maddiejamesfoundation.org for secure online processing.

    Thank you for helping Maddie reach for the (sea) stars.


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93 sleeps

A new challenge

So, as any of you who have been following this post will know, I got sick and never made it through the finale of the Marathons for Maddie campaign. It caused some ugly crying. So, just because I can, I’ve decided to give it another bash this year.  I’ll be fundraising for a couple of … Continue reading

As brave as Wonder Woman

How to be brave

How to be brave? How to have grace? How to pay tribute to an angel? What words to use when it has been a year? These are the questions I was asking myself while running up and down the biggest hills I’ve ever run up or down tonight. How, when you’re running towards a hill … Continue reading


Electric Dreams

So as I think I’ve said before, Lozzie and I didn’t mind a bit of a dance off to some questionable ’80’s music (oh and “Hi!”  I know it’s been the longest possible time ever between posts… sorry [or not, depending how you feel] about that). We cut our teeth on it at *cough* Twister … Continue reading

The turtle’s on its way!

While I was convinced when I woke up at 2am that my sinuses were clear and I’d make it, I woke up coughing at 3am… 4am… 5am and this 5’4″ blonde Forrest Gump wannabe just won’t be running a marathhon today. BUT. I have handed over Maddie’s turtle charm to the amazing (and much speedier … Continue reading

Marathon update…

So, here’s the post I don’t really want to write. I’ve got tears in my eyes writing this down (again with the sentimentality – apologies!), but I am not looking good for a start tomorrow. All the advice I’ve had (many thanks to all who have provided it – Kristi, Amy, Allison, Dad, my GP, … Continue reading


There are several things I run past very often that never lose their impact on me. One of these is Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance.  There is nothing about that monument I don’t love – it’s intent, they way they light it, how proud and humble it makes you feel all at the same time, the … Continue reading

View from the Loo Queue

Holy crap

I’m going to try to say this without having a panic attack… I’m going to run a marathon this week. Holy crap. When I started this little journey with a post called Nicknames back in April, a marathon in mid-October seemed a really long time away.  Now it’s this week. Holy crap. My apologies for the rubbish … Continue reading

Sydney Marathon

The last half!

Just made it through the last half marathon – 1:55:06 which I’m thrilled with. Only a full one to go now… Three weeks and it’s on. Thanks for all the cheers, accommodation and support to get through this… Will write a full update later, but it was amazing. And, for all those wondering, this is … Continue reading

Ms Maddie with her hand on her Daddy's knee


Maddie… there’s a lot of me that wants to spend today writing about how much we have all missed you over the past six months, since you became an Angel.  And a lot of me that wants to explain to everyone how sad and unfair I sometimes think life is, especially when I think of your … Continue reading

The Rules

The rules

Every sport has rules. You may think that, just because running tends to be an individual sport, there are not as many rules.  If you’re not a runner, you may have believed (until now, or until about four minutes from now if I can frame a good argument) that running is essentially about throwing on … Continue reading

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  • My Marathons for Maddie in 2011

    Run for the Kids: 17 April - 14.38km
    Mothers' Day Classic: 8 May - 4km
    Run Melbourne: 17 July – half marathon
    Sandy Point Half: 21 August - half marathon
    Sydney Running Festival: 18 September – half marathon
    Melbourne Marathon: 9 October – marathon